quality handmade fitted and freestanding furniture

by Andrew Rump

Andrew Rump, master craftsman

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Andrew has been a master craftsman furniture designer and maker for almost a quarter century, working in homes across the UK and Europe.


He first developed an interest in wood at the tender age of six: “I remember my dad teaching me how to use a coping saw to make a clock in the shape of a house for mum.  I was fascinated by how I could create something from nothing, with a material that felt so comfortable to use.”  Andrew’s first wood-based project was a bird box at the age of seven – a present for his much loved granny.


Careers advice when leaving school steered Andrew away from furniture making, leading to a brief spell in hospitality and catering – he even had a job blowing things up in microwaves!  But he wasn’t deterred from his true calling for long following a conversation with his granny who told him that he obviously had a talent, and his best chance of a happy life was to follow his heart.


Andrew formally studied furniture making, and then undertook a series of apprenticeships, learning anything from commercial furniture manufacture and fitting, to complementary industries such as metal-working and upholstery.


He has a natural aptitude for a wide variety of crafts and disciplines, and continues to have a keen interest particularly in traditional crafts.  He has studied everything from stained glass to leatherwork, basketry to copper hammering, and is currently studying green wood-working and steam-bending.


Andrew now works from his own workshop in a farm in the South Downs National Park in West Sussex, working mostly with clients within the local area.